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The study findings provide data that support the influence of ideational praxis skills on the play skills and playfulness of autistic children.

This study found that infant prematurity may affect the accuracy of parent reports, or recall, of tummy time in the home versus a practitioner directly observing infant tummy time.

Infants who were later diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were found to have differences in early play behaviors compared to infants who were not later diagnosed with ASD.

Children with challenges in sensory processing and integration made significant changes related to occupational performance following OT intervention, and goal achievement was sustained over time.

This pilot study offers promising evidence that supports the use of modified single joystick–operated ride-on toys for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

This study explored how parent and teacher caregivers supported children (both with and without disabilities) during a therapeutic playgroup at an early childhood center.

The findings of this study show that the Factors Affecting Tolerance for Risk in Play Scale (FAC–TRiPS) has utility for practitioners who want to explore parents’ beliefs about and tolerance for their children’s participation in risky play.

Changing a playground’s physical and social environment can create better places for kids to play.

This study supports the understanding of how the physical environment shapes children’s outdoor play.

This study found that autistic preschoolers face physical and social barriers to outdoor play and that they need parents, schools, and communities to create supportive and inclusive play environments and opportunities for freedom of expression.

The Scale of Parental Playful Attitude (PaPA) assesses parents’ self-perceptions of their playfulness when playing with their child.

This State of the Science article seeks to increase awareness regarding the occupational therapy profession’s contributions and to situate those contributions within the larger body of literature on play while also promoting further study of play as an occupation.

Research Articles

The results of this pilot study highlight the promising potential of the TELE-self-GEN intervention for improving everyday memory challenges for people with multiple sclerosis.

This is the first study to examine disparities in access to inpatient psychiatric occupational therapy in the Veterans Health Administration.

This article adds to the literature on administrative supports for clinical and quality improvement research by illustrating a specific example of how documentation of dose can be shared from one institution to another.


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