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Special Issue on Occupational Therapy’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guest Editorial

This supplement highlights occupational therapy practitioners’ contribution to the care of clients during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of occupational therapy interventions in addressing the physical, cognitive, psychological, and social needs of clients, their families, and care providers.

Special Issue: Case Reports

This case report describes a prototypical COVID-19 disease course and discusses key aspects of clinical reasoning for practitioners working with this novel population.

This case report highlights the distinct value of occupational therapy services in the treatment of a pediatric patient with coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and multisystem inflammatory syndrome in an acute care setting.

This case report describes community-dwelling older adults with mild COVID-19 who received occupational therapist services in collaboration with a primary care practice.

Postacute care occupational therapy plays a key role in functional recovery for a client with acute hypoxemic respiratory failure resulting from COVID-19 infection.

This case report highlights the disease and rehabilitation course of an older adult man who received all of his medical and rehabilitative treatment while residing in a skilled nursing facility.

Occupational therapy evaluation and treatment approaches, plan of care, and associated outcomes are described for a client experiencing long-haul COVID symptoms in the outpatient setting.

Columns: The Issue Is . . .

The authors provide a framework for occupational therapy practitioners to use when addressing the needs of clients after COVID-19.

The existing research on rehabilitation related to COVID-19 suggests an opportunity for occupational therapy researchers to fill important gaps regarding the quality of studies and the need for activity and participation assessments and outcomes for COVID-19 survivors.


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