Importance: Assessment of praxis using valid and reliable measures is important for understanding factors affecting occupational participation.

Objective: To evaluate evidence of construct validity and internal reliability of data gathered with four newly developed praxis tests.

Design: Comparative descriptive design.

Setting: Homes, schools, and therapy practices across the United States.

Participants: A control group consisting of 163 children without any concerns or diagnoses and a case group of 145 children with sensory integration difficulties, ages 3 to 12 yr.

Outcomes and Measures: Rasch analyses to evaluate construct validity, and Student’s t tests to evaluate group differences.

Results: Total test scores and most item scores conformed to Rasch model expectations. Group differences were significant; the control group scored higher. Internal reliability was strong.

Conclusions and Relevance: Findings support the validity and internal reliability of the four praxis tests.

What This Article Adds: This study adds to the growing body of evidence for validity and reliability of the Evaluation in Ayres Sensory Integration® tests.

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