Importance: Adolescents with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often experience difficulties with executive function and participation in life roles. Ecologically valid performance-based tests (PBTs) are needed to assess functional cognition in this population.

Objective: To examine the known-groups, concurrent, and ecological validity of a functional cognition PBT, the Hebrew version of the Weekly Calendar Planning Activity (WCPA) Middle/High School Version, among adolescents with and without ADHD.

Design: Cross-sectional between-groups design.

Setting: Community.

Participants: One hundred two adolescents (ages 12–18 yr), with (n = 52) and without (n = 50) ADHD.

Outcomes and Measures: The Hebrew version of the WCPA Middle/High School Version, MOXO™–Continuous Performance Test (MOXO–CPT), Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) parent form, and Child and Adolescent Scale of Participation (CASP).

Results: The results showed significant between-groups differences with medium to large effect sizes for scores on most WCPA measures, with the ADHD group receiving significantly lower scores. Significant correlations in the expected direction were found between scores on the MOXO–CPT Attention and Hyperactivity indices and WCPA measures. Significant correlations were also found between most WCPA measures and the BRIEF Global Executive Composite (GEC) and the CASP. Multiple linear regression on the CASP indicated that the WCPA strategy score and the BRIEF GEC were significant predictors in the model.

Conclusions and Relevance: Results support the known-groups validity of the WCPA Middle/High School Version between adolescents with and without ADHD. Concurrent and ecological validity were supported by significant associations with measures of cognition and participation.

What This Article Adds: These results reinforce the premise that the WCPA Middle/High School Version can be implemented as a valid measure of functional cognition among adolescents with ADHD.

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