Importance: Occupational therapy using Ayres Sensory Integration® (ASI) is an evidence-based intervention that includes parent education and participation to support outcomes. However, guidelines for this parent component have not been published.

Objective: To obtain input from stakeholders on a revised guidebook for parent education during ASI intervention.

Design: Cross-sectional survey design.

Setting: Online surveys.

Participants: Experts in ASI, occupational therapy practitioners who use this approach, and parents of children with autism who received occupational therapy using this intervention.

Outcomes and Measures: Surveys designed and vetted to obtain input on content and usability.

Results: Experts rated the guidebook as consistent with ASI principles, practitioners rated it as clinically useful, and parents rated it as useful and clear.

Conclusions and Relevance: The parent guidebook for ASI is ready for further testing and use.

What This Article Adds: This report adds knowledge translation and best practice strategies in parent education to the parent guidebook for ASI and provides evidence that it is acceptable by experts, parents, and clinicians.

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