Date Presented Accepted for AOTA INSPIRE 2021 but unable to be presented due to online event limitations.

Social skills problems are main features of autism. The Over-Pruning Hypothesis suggests that such problems may be due to over-pruning of neural areas important to social skills. Intervention for social skills before age 5 years may strengthen connections, reducing pruning. Process drama may be a particularly effective way to practice social skills. This poster will describe the feasibility of an interdisciplinary (drama, OT, speech-language pathology) process drama program for social skills in preschoolers with autism.

Primary Author and Speaker: Lorie Richards

Additional Authors and Speakers: Heidi Woolley

Contributing Authors: Xan S. Johnson, Pamela Mathy, Stacy Manwaring, Megan Raby, Wendy Wilde, Lise Thornton, and Penelope Caywood

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