Date Presented Accepted for AOTA INSPIRE 2021 but unable to be presented due to online event limitations.

With the growing prevalence of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a prevailing symptom limiting their occupation is deficits in social competence. It is vital that OTs advance their use of evidence-based strategies to foster social skills development. This research examines the effectiveness of an OT group model, incorporating both self-regulation activities and social skills training to improve the social competence of children with ASD.

Primary Author and Speaker: Orley Ann Templeton

Additional Authors and Speakers: Lori A. Charney, Kelsey Hadsall, Randi Huffman, Robert Kennedy, Mariah Laubach, David Lutchko, Callie O'Donovan, Kristen Ritter, and Carmelina Tringali

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