Date Presented Accepted for AOTA INSPIRE 2021 but unable to be presented due to online event limitations.

This mixed-methods case study examines use of a harness system in a community garden for persons poststroke.No studies exist on this topic. Two persons participated.Multiple pretest–posttest measures, observations, and poststudy interviews were conducted. Both showed improvement in balance and mobility, and Person 2's spirituality improved. Persons described enhanced confidence in functional mobility, ability to problem solve, and use of the hemiplegic upper extremity. Research in natural environments is needed.

Primary Author and Speaker: Beth Ekelman

Contributing Authors: Kelly Bishop, Erica Hughes, Allison Kienzle, Alicia Loreta, Marissa Melaragno, Shay Smallman, Jason Uth, Morgan Vaughn, and Jessica Zdanowicz

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