Date Presented 04/21/21

This research explores the correlations between fatigue, apathy, and activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) participation with social participation after chronic stroke for persons with and without aphasia. Combined, these factors significantly relate to social participation, which emphasizes the complex nature of social participation. The implications of the moderate mediation effects of perceived ADL and IADL participation on the relationships between fatigue and apathy and social participation is discussed.

Primary Author and Speaker: Anna Hausermann

Additional Authors and Speakers: Orley Templeton, Jennifer Rugletic Washko, Carolyn Maguire, Erin Onoshko, Katherine Schmitter, Martina Sledziewski, and Michael Floren

Contributing Authors: Casey Beichler, Kristen Skoff, Kristin Kern, Michelle Marchetti, and Krista A. Pasko

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