This column discusses issues in the delivery of postacute care (PAC) rehabilitation services for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) survivors and gaps in the current research. Occupational therapy practitioners must not only better understand factors that influence the type of PAC rehabilitation a COVID-19 survivor will receive but also comprehend how wide variations in delivery of PAC occupational therapy have affected important outcomes for survivors. The COVID-19 Rehabilitation Research Framework, developed by Cochrane Rehabilitation and the World Health Organization Rehabilitation Program, offers a guide for occupational therapy research priorities that may fill two important gaps: (1) the need for high-quality PAC rehabilitation studies and (2) the need for research on activity and participation assessments and outcomes for COVID-19 survivors. Using electronic health records and other data sources, occupational therapy practitioners and researchers can help build the evidence base to support and guide PAC rehabilitation for survivors of COVID-19 and, perhaps, future pandemics.

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