OBJECTIVE. This study investigated the most appropriate intertrial rest period for maximum grip and key pinch strength measurements involving three trials.

METHOD. The study included 40 male and 40 female participants. Using a repeated-measures design, six intertrial rest periods—15 s, 30 s, 60 s, 90 s, 120 s, and 150 s—were investigated, one per day on 6 different days.

RESULTS. A repeated-measures analysis of variance or Friedman test found significant decreases in grip and key pinch strength over the three trials in all test conditions. However, for both hands, only small differences were observed in test conditions (≥90 s, male grip; ≥60 s, female grip; male and female key pinch; effect sizes of <0.5).

CONCLUSION. If a rest of ≥150 s is not possible, 90 s of rest between trials for grip strength and 60 s of rest between trials for key pinch strength can be considered.

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