OBJECTIVE. Despite evidence showing that team-based learning (TBL) is accepted by students, a gap in evidence exists regarding how students’ experiences with TBL may change over time. In this study, we explored changes in accountability, satisfaction, and preference for TBL or traditional lecture among occupational therapy students using TBL across 1 yr of occupational therapy education.

METHOD. Forty-one pairs of data from first- and third-term occupational therapy students were analyzed to determine changes in students’ experience with TBL over time.

RESULTS. Data analysis of first- and third-term students showed significant changes in accountability with TBL (p = .027), satisfaction with TBL (p = .021), and preference for TBL over traditional lecture (p = .019).

CONCLUSION. Considerable differences were found in individual cohorts regarding satisfaction, accountability, and the overall TBL experience; however, no notable differences were found between cohorts.

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