Postconcussion syndrome (PCS) affects physical, cognitive, and emotional functioning. Existing reviews of interventions to address PCS are limited to psychological and rehabilitation interventions and to child and adolescent populations. We conducted a systematic review integrating current evidence about interventions for adults with PCS. The inclusion criteria were intervention studies of adults (ages ≥18 yr) with PCS that evaluated recovery from PCS symptoms and focused on functional outcomes; 10 studies met the criteria. Included studies demonstrated medium to high levels of evidence and investigated psychotherapy, counseling, social support, self-management strategies, individualized rehabilitation, hyperbaric oxygen interventions, and group-based cognitive–behavioral therapy. Outcomes included reduced postconcussion symptoms, improved cognitive function, enhanced quality of life, and increased community integration. The evidence supports psychotherapy, counseling, and social support interventions as being beneficial for cognitive and emotional functions in adults with PCS.

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