OBJECTIVE. This study evaluated the thoroughness and psychometric properties of fidelity measures used by or of relevance to occupational or physical therapy.

METHOD. A systematic review of the literature was completed. Assessments used to measure occupational or physical therapy intervention fidelity were evaluated for thoroughness, reliability, validity, and clinical utility.

RESULTS. Eight fidelity measures met inclusion criteria for this systematic review. Most of the measures had moderate levels of thoroughness in the coverage of key aspects of fidelity, reported adequate to excellent reliability and validity, and were highly variable in clinical utility.

CONCLUSION. Additional research is recommended to validate existing occupational or physical therapy fidelity measures and to develop novel measures for other occupational therapy and physical therapy interventions. Clinicians and researchers must place greater emphasis on the development and implementation of fidelity measures to ensure uniformity in intervention delivery and high-quality, evidence-based care.

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