OBJECTIVE. Occupational engagement is the foundation of occupational therapy. We identified perspectives of 18 occupational therapy practitioners on integrating occupation-based interventions during postacute care (PAC) rehabilitation for persons with hip fracture to identify occupational therapy’s distinct contribution.

METHOD. We conducted six focus groups derived from a purposive national sample of occupational therapy practitioners (N = 18). A secondary analysis was conducted to analyze the transcripts for major subthemes around occupation-based interventions.

RESULTS. Three major themes arose from practitioners’ perspectives regarding the role of occupation in rehabilitation: (1) conducting an occupational profile, (2) integrating occupation-based intervention in the facility, and (3) identifying goals for occupational engagement after discharge. Challenges and strategies for integrating occupation-based interventions were also identified.

CONCLUSION. Identifying practitioners’ perspectives on integrating occupation into rehabilitation may inform strategies to facilitate occupation-based interventions in PAC and define occupational therapy’s role in this setting.

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