OBJECTIVE. We investigated the efficacy of Occupation-Based Coaching delivered via telehealth for families of young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

METHOD. Participants were 18 families of children with ASD ages 2–6 yr. We used descriptive statistics to understand intervention characteristics and paired-sample t tests to examine changes in parent efficacy and child participation.

RESULTS. Parents identified many areas of child adaptive behavior as intervention goals. Results showed that parent efficacy and various domains of child participation significantly increased postintervention (both ps < .05). Additionally, children showed significant gains in parent-identified goals.

CONCLUSION. Occupation-Based Coaching delivered via telehealth appears to be an effective method of intervention to increase parent efficacy and child participation among families of children with ASD. Occupational therapists may consider how telehealth may be used to provide intervention to an increased number of families, in particular those in underserved areas.

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