In the Volume 71 article “Occupational Therapy and Veteran Suicide: A Call to Action” by Amy Kashiwa, Melissa M. Sweetman, and Loriann Helgeson, the states mandating suicide prevention training were incorrectly listed as Washington and Kansas. The correct states are Washington and Kentucky. The corresponding reference is American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. (2016). State laws: Training for health professionals in suicide assessment, treatment, and management. Retrieved from A corrected version is available at

In the Volume 71 article “Primary Care for Underserved Populations: Navigating Policy to Incorporate Occupational Therapy Into Federally Qualified Health Centers,” by Aileen D. Murphy, Vanessa M. Griffith, Tracy M. Mroz, and Tracy L. Jirikowic, Theresa Berkeridge should be included as a co-author. A corrected version is available at

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