OBJECTIVE. A bibliometric analysis was completed of highly cited occupational therapy literature and authors published from 1991 to 2014 and accessible in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI–Expanded) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) databases.

METHOD. Data were obtained from the SCI–Expanded and SSCI. Articles referenced >100 times were categorized as highly cited articles (HCA).

RESULTS. Of 6,486 articles found, 31 were categorized as HCA. The American Journal of Occupational Therapy published the largest number of HCA (n = 8; 26%). The 31 HCA were distributed across seven countries: United States (20 articles), Canada (3), United Kingdom (3), Australia (2), the Netherlands (1), New Zealand (1), and Sweden (1). The three authors with the highest Y-index were S. J. Page, F. Clark, and W. Dunn.

CONCLUSION. A latency period of 4 to 5 yr post-publication appears to be needed for a journal article to gain citations.

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