OBJECTIVE. We examined the feasibility of Aging Well by Design, a Lifestyle Redesign®–inspired intervention for community-dwelling older adults. The original Lifestyle Redesign program was shortened to 3 mo and implemented as a community outreach program of a major health care system.

METHOD. Community-dwelling older adults participated in the 12-wk program, which emphasized an occupational approach to healthy aging. Outcomes evaluated were recruitment, attendance, resource use, participant satisfaction, and subjective benefit to participants.

RESULTS. The 13 participants, ages 66–88 yr, attended an average of 10 of 12 sessions. The intervention was completed as planned, physical resources were suitable, and financial resources were adequate. Participants expressed satisfaction with the program’s facilitator, group discussions, and materials. Perceived benefits were social relationships, awareness of community resources, and change in attitude toward aging.

CONCLUSION. Implementation of a 3-mo Lifestyle Redesign–inspired program within a health care system was feasible.

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