OBJECTIVE. We describe the development of an instrument to measure moral distress experienced by occupational therapists and show how its content validity was established.

METHOD. Written comments (n = 78) from a previous survey using the Moral Distress Scale–Revised–Other Health Provider Adult were used to modify that instrument and create the Moral Distress Scale–Revised–Occupational Therapy–Adult Settings (MDS–R–OT[A]). The MDS–R–OT[A] was distributed to a nationwide random sample of 400 occupational therapists who rated the relevance of each item to their clinical practice.

RESULTS. A scale content validity index of 81.8% was found (geriatric = 81.5%, physical disability = 80.8%, combination of the two = 85.7%).

CONCLUSION. The MDS–R–OT[A] possesses acceptable content validity and is appropriate for use with occupational therapists working in geriatric or physical disability settings.

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