OBJECTIVE. This study established motor function cutoff values for dressing independence in inpatients with stroke.

METHODS. Ninety-eight first-time inpatients with stroke were divided into groups on the basis of independence level in dressing, and receiver operating characteristic curves were determined for balance, motor function of affected limbs, trunk function, motor function of unaffected upper limb, and cognitive function.

RESULTS. Area under the curve for the Berg Balance Scale (BBS) was highest for the different motor functions. In distinguishing independence group and supervision or less level group, the cutoff value for the BBS was 44 points (sensitivity = 85%, specificity = 93%). In distinguishing supervision or higher level group and dependence group, the cutoff value for the BBS was 32 points (sensitivity = 94%, specificity = 79%).

CONCLUSION. Balance was strongly correlated with the level of dressing independence, and cutoff values for the BBS were indicators of the balance required to reach independent and supervision levels of dressing.

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