OBJECTIVE. This study explored the perceptions, preparedness, and practices of college personnel regarding support for students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

METHOD. Members of the Association on Higher Education and Disability were invited to complete an online survey in 2012. The survey gathered data on training level, understanding of student needs, and supports provided to students with ASD in the areas of academic transitional situations, social activities, sensory needs, attention and organization, self-advocacy and self-disclosure, and emotional regulation.

RESULTS. Of the 315 respondents who completed the survey, 94% were involved in designing needed supports for students with ASD. Of those involved in designing needed supports, 55% indicated the need for additional information and 63% indicated that their institution struggled with outlining the supports needed and would have liked to know more about how to support these students.

CONCLUSION. Opportunities exist for occupational therapy collaboration, consultation, case management, and direct intervention to support college students with ASD.

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