The Occupational Therapy Education Research Agenda identifies six major research goals and priorities for occupational therapy education. It is intended to complement the Occupational Therapy Research Agenda (American Occupational Therapy Associationi, 2011), which identifies five research priorities of the profession as a whole: (1) assessment/measurement, (2) intervention research, (3) basic research, (4) translational research, and (5) health services research.

The education research agenda itself is organized into six categories to drive research activity: (1) theory building, (2) pedagogy, (3) instructional methods, (4) learner characteristics and competencies, (5) socialization to the profession, and (6) faculty development and resources. The Appendix lists the research priorities and sample research questions that exemplify the type of research activity that is pertinent for the Occupational Therapy Education Research Agenda.

Theory building research seeks to develop broad philosophies and theories to support learning to become an occupational therapy practitioner. It conveys the core concepts...

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