We describe an integrated master of science in occupational therapy curriculum and a coordinated sequence of evidence-based practice (EBP) courses that incorporate systematic, pragmatic teaching strategies to develop students’ EBP skills and habits of reasoning. The EBP courses focus sequentially on the occupational lives of clients and methods for gaining information about occupational performance and needs; appraising the internal, external, and statistical validity of intervention evidence; and generating evidence from one’s own practice to answer questions about individual or group client outcomes. All EBP courses use facilitated learning processes that encourage graduate students to take responsibility for their own learning, guided by a carefully structured series of assignments. The integrated curriculum scaffolds the translation and application of previously learned knowledge and skills, including EBP knowledge, into different contexts. Student survey data suggest that graduating students view EBP as an integral part of the clinical process and begin to internalize the habits necessary to be evidence-based practitioners.

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