An ongoing challenge to occupational therapy educators is how to provide resources and strategies that best assist students in learning, retaining, and replicating protocols in clinical manual assessment. This pilot survey study explored how 43 first-year master’s of occupational therapy students enrolled in a kinesiology course perceived the value of implementing instructor-produced YouTube® videos of in-class assessment demonstrations. The videos, taken on a smartphone, were uploaded to a private YouTube URL created by the instructor and then linked to a pre-established Moodle learning platform. By the end of the 6-wk course, students had registered 2,573 views averaging 60 views per student. Postcourse mixed survey results revealed students perceived that the videos improved the quality of the course, increased their level of engagement and learning, and boosted confidence in their manual skills. Survey results also found that students correlated the instructor’s willingness to develop online videos with a commitment to student learning.

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