This article explores the use of the postrotary nystagmus (PRN) test for children younger than current norms (children 4.0 yr–8.11 yr). In the first study, 37 children ages 4–9 yr were examined in the standard testing position and in an adult-held adapted position to determine whether holding a child affected the reflex. Because the position did not affect the reflex, in the second study, PRN in 44 children ages 2 mo–47 mo was compared with published normative mean raw scores for 44 children age 5 yr to determine whether norms for older children were applicable to younger children. No statistically significant differences were found between <4-yr-old and 5-yr-old children, suggesting that the PRN test can be used in infants and toddlers with valid comparison to current norms for 4-yr-olds on the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (4.0 yr–8.11 yr). Future research exploring the predictive value of this measure is warranted.

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