Colleagues and friends, old and new: It is an honor to address you today for a fourth and final time as president of your American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

You know that I use the phrase OT in HD—occupational therapy in high definition—to describe how I see the profession of occupational therapy as we approach our Centennial Vision (AOTA, 2007) in 2017. Much as a high-definition video screen shows images made from millions of individual pixels, OT in HD is a metaphor for a picture of occupational therapy formed from thousands of vibrant individuals who coalesce into a crystal-clear image of our profession.

This pixel principle is not limited to digital screens. Consider this abstract form: simultaneously geometric and organic, a rough square rotated 45° with a bold border surrounding loosely concentric circles, set in a complementary color palette (Figure 1, next page). When enough...

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