The Useful Field of View® (UFOV) and Trail Making Test Part B (Trails B) are measures of divided attention. We determined which measure was more accurate in predicting on-road outcomes among drivers (N = 198, mean age = 73.86, standard deviation = 6.05). Receiver operating characteristic curves for the UFOV (Risk Index [RI] and Subtests 1–3) and Trails B significantly predicted on-road outcomes. Contrasting Trails B with the UFOV RI and subtests, the only difference was found between the UFOV RI and Trails B, indicating the UFOV RI was the best predictor of on-road outcomes. Misclassifications of drivers totaled 28 for the UFOV RI, 62 for Trails B, and 58 for UFOV Subtest 2. The UFOV RI is a superior test in predicting on-road outcomes, but the Trails B has acceptable accuracy and is comparable to the other UFOV subtests.

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