Two years ago when we met in Orlando, I introduced the concept of occupational therapy in high definition—OT in HD (Clark, 2010).

Compared with a standard-resolution screen, HD upgrades a blurry, narrow, unsaturated picture into a crisp, widescreen, vibrant one. In the same way, the metaphor of occupational therapy in HD upgrades the picture of our profession to the 21st century. OT in HD communicates what occupational therapy is with clarity and confidence. It knows that occupational therapy’s wide-ranging work settings and patient populations show the fundamental essence of everyday activity. It celebrates the ways people’s lives are truly transformed as a result of occupational therapy.

Do you remember me telling you about the research I did while developing the HD analogy? I brought home electronics magazines and sales circulars to learn all the features and jargon. And just when I got up to speed, what happened? The...

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