An evidence-based review was undertaken to answer the question, “What is the evidence for the effect of interventions designed to modify and maintain perceptual abilities on the occupational performance of people with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias?” A systematic search of electronic databases and application of inclusion and exclusion criteria guided the selection of 31 articles. Each article was critically appraised, and the evidence was synthesized. Some interventions use remaining perceptual abilities to enable people to find their way in a facility and decrease attempts at exiting. Preliminary evidence has supported use of visual stimulation and barriers. We found some evidence for the use of auditory stimuli and group therapy that aim to change perceptual abilities. Research with high-level evidence is required to validate these findings. Evidence on the benefits of Snoezelen® is not conclusive for occupational performance outcomes; further research to justify its use as an occupational therapy intervention may be warranted.

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