OBJECTIVE. Our purpose in this study was to examine the preclinical curricular content pertaining to driving evaluation and rehabilitation (DE/R) included in professional entry-level occupational therapy programs.

METHOD. An e-mail survey containing questions about the program’s structure and extent of course material related to DE/R in the curriculum was sent to directors of all 144 U.S. accredited professional entry-level occupational therapy programs.

RESULTS. Ninety programs responded (62.5% response rate), of which 80 included content related to DE/R in some required courses, and 9 programs offered a required course specifically in DE/R. Approximately 18% of the respondent programs offered electives with DE/R content.

CONCLUSION. Of the respondent professional entry-level occupational therapy programs, few offer a required course specifically devoted to DE/R, but almost all programs integrate DE/R content into required coursework, thus satisfying the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education standards related to driver rehabilitation.

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