OBJECTIVE. We developed the Modified Occupational Questionnaire (MOQ), a simple, quantitative measure of meaningful time use.

METHOD. The MOQ, a time diary based on the Occupational Questionnaire, was piloted with a group of occupational therapy students and revised before use in a larger investigation involving young unemployed Australians (N = 228). External validity was examined by comparing MOQ time-use data with data from the 2006 Australian Time Use Survey. Internal validity was examined through Rasch analysis procedures.

RESULTS. The MOQ demonstrated very good external validity (correlations >.85); acceptable rating scale, item function, and person performance validity; very good item and person reliability indexes (1.00 and 0.93, respectively); and a good person separation index (3.52).

CONCLUSION. The MOQ is a simple and valid measure of the basic elements of meaningful time use. Future research is required to further develop the MOQ, particularly in populations other than people who are unemployed.

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