We identified factors associated with occupational therapists’ involvement as children receiving early intervention services transition into preschool. A survey was sent to members of the American Occupational Therapy Association’s School System Special Interest Section. The highest ranked factor for respondents in early intervention was understanding their role (mean [M]= 4.96, standard deviation [SD] = 1.26, n = 78) and for respondents in preschool programs it was having preschool staff value their participation (M = 4.84, SD = 1.46, n = 248). Preschool occupational therapists’ relationship with early intervention providers, employer-based supports, and knowledge of the transition process were significantly associated with their involvement in two transition planning areas: collaboration with early intervention programs (p < .001) and family support (p < .001). Findings suggest that practices that enhance relationships among programs influence occupational therapist involvement. Implications for formal training to support involvement in the transition process are discussed.

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