We examined the validity and reproducibility of simulator-based driving evaluations. In Study 1, we examined correlations among Trails A and B, demerit points for simulated drives, and simulator-recorded errors. With one exception, correlations ranged from .44 (p = .103) to .83 (p = .001). In Study 2, we examined correlations among Trail Making Test Part A, Useful Field of View, and demerit points for simulated drives; correlations ranged from .50 to .82 (all ps < .001). The correlation between demerit points for on-road and simulated drives was .74 (p = .035). We examined reproducibility of simulator assessments using the playback function; intraclass correlation coefficients ranged from .73 to .87 (all ps < .001). These results suggest that simulators could be used to facilitate the evaluation of fitness to drive.

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