OBJECTIVE. The number of functionally impaired drivers being assessed is increasing the urgency to develop a standardized off-road driver assessment battery. We examined the validity of the Road Law and Road Craft Test (RLRCT) and a version of the Melbourne Slide Test to determine whether they should be included in the Occupational Therapy Driver Off-Road Assessment (OT–DORA) battery, which is under development.

METHOD. We conducted a file audit of 118 data sets with individual item scores for the RLRCT and Melbourne Slide Test.

RESULTS. The RLRCT test with one item removed provides clinicians with a valid indication of clients’ off-road driving skills. The Melbourne Slide Test added no new information over that provided by the RLRCT and can be excluded from the battery.

CONCLUSION. The revised 14-item RLRCT should be included in the OT–DORA battery. Further research is required to develop the OT–DORA battery as a valid and reliable measure of off-road driver skill.

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