OBJECTIVES. To determine the reliability and aspects of validity of the Evaluation Tool of Children’s Handwriting–Cursive (ETCH–C; Amundson, 1995), using the general scoring criteria, when assessing children who use alternative writing scripts.

METHOD. Children in Years 5 and 6 with handwriting problems and a group of matched control participants from their respective classrooms were assessed with the ETCH–C twice, 4 weeks apart.

RESULTS. Total Letter scores were most reliable; more variability should be expected for Total Word scores. Total Numeral scores showed unacceptable reliability levels and are not recommended. We found good discriminant validity for Letter and Word scores and established cutoff scores to distinguish children with and without handwriting dysfunction (Total Letter <90%, Total Word <85%).

CONCLUSION. The ETCH–C, using the general scoring criteria, is a reliable and valid test of handwriting for children using alternative scripts.

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