More occupational therapists are needed to provide client-centered, evidence-based rehabilitation to the large numbers of service members who sustained mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) while deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Proponency for Rehabilitation and Reintegration tasked a team of occupational and physical therapists to assemble evidence-based best practices specific to mTBI. Despite the fact that evidence-based reviews, guidelines, and research regarding occupational therapy for mTBI are sparse, the team developed the Clinical Practice Guidance: Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Occupational therapy practice recommendations specific to client education, vision, cognition, resumption of roles, and emotional well-being are summarized for civilians and characterized as practice standards or practice options. By using evidence-informed and holistic services, occupational therapists have the potential to lead rehabilitation and reintegration efforts for service members with mTBI and advance changes in the profession itself.

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