OBJECTIVES. We used qualitative data to explore the perceived consequences of poststroke falls during the first 6 months after discharge from the hospital.

METHOD. We interviewed 132 male stroke survivors 1 and 6 months after discharge to describe stroke recovery trajectories. Interviews of participants who discussed falling after stroke as one of their major concerns were analyzed to explore the consequences of poststroke falls.

RESULTS. During the first 6 months after stroke, 42 (32%) participants discussed poststroke falls. The results of the qualitative analysis indicate three important emergent themes related to the consequences of poststroke falls: (1) limiting activity and participation, (2) increasing dependence, and (3) developing a fear of falling.

CONCLUSION. Falls after discharge home were common in this group of stroke survivors. Future research is needed to better understand the impact of fall-related consequences and to explore strategies for fall prevention.

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