This study investigated the effectiveness of a type of dynamic seating system, the Disc ‘O’ Sit cushion (Gymnic, Osoppo, Italy), for improving attention to task among second-grade students with attention difficulties. Sixty-three second-grade students participated in the study. Using a randomized controlled trial design, 31 students were assigned to a treatment group, and 32 were assigned to a control group. Treatment group participants used Disc ‘O’ Sit cushions throughout the school day for a 2-week period. The teachers completed the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (Gioia, Isquith, Guy, & Kenworthy, 1996) for each participant before and after the intervention. An analysis of variance identified a statistically significant difference in the attention to task before and after the intervention for the treatment group. The results of the study provide preliminary evidence for the use of the Disc ‘O’ Sit cushion as an occupational therapy intervention to improve attention in the school setting.

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