OBJECTIVE. This study investigated sensory processing dysfunction (SPD) and playfulness and the effect of intervention on playfulness.

METHOD. Twenty children with SPD and 20 children who were typically developing took the Short Sensory Profile (SSP) and Test of Playfulness (ToP). Children with SPD took the praxis tests from the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) and received 20 intervention sessions. Correlations among measures and differences between mean scores of groups and pre-intervention and post-intervention were examined.

RESULTS. Group ToP scores differed significantly; ToP did not increase post-intervention. Correlations among ToP and SSP ranged from .36 to .72; ToP and SIPT, from −0.1 to −0.46.

CONCLUSION. Modulation affects playfulness. Although intervention was not effective, both groups had high scores initially, making the finding difficult to interpret.

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