The purpose of this study was to gather formative evaluation data to determine students’ perceptions of effective aspects of professional behavior feedback for use in program development. A qualitative design was used to gather data from baccalaureate-level occupational therapy students. Through focus groups and semi-structured interviews, data were gathered about the students’ beliefs, feelings, and recommendations for policy changes. Four themes emerged: Not Just “Contact With a Piece of Paper”; Fieldwork Needs To Be Taken Into Account; Faculty Fairness and Support Need To Be Present; “This Is Like Therapy for Me.” Aspects of these themes have implications for classroom and fieldwork settings. The type of feedback these students found helpful and the desire to have fieldwork performance considered along with their classroom behavior were salient perceptions. As educators, it is important to listen to the voices of students to gain insights into their perceptions of the effective aspects of the feedback process for professional behaviors.

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