Objective. Digital nerves are the most frequently injured peripheral nerve. To improve the recovery of functional sensibility of digital nerve injuries, a prospective randomized controlled study was conducted to see the effect of using early tactile stimulation in rehabilitation of digital nerve injuries.

Method. Two specific tactile stimulators were made and prescribed for patients with digital nerve-injury. Twenty-four participants with 32 digital nerve injuries received the prescribed tactile stimulators (experimental group), and another 25 participants with 33 digital nerve injuries received only routine conventional therapy (control group).

Results. A significant difference (p < .05) was seen in the experimental group, although there were some variations between the different classes of associated injuries, with least benefit observed in the combined nerve, tendon, and bone injury class.

Conclusion. Use of early tactile stimulation as described in this study can be considered an effective way to improve both quality and quantity of recovery of functional sensibility in digital nerve injuries without combined nerve, tendon, and bone injuries.

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