Objective. The Touch Inventory for Elementary-School-Aged Children (TIE) is a self-report screening assessment for tactile defensiveness. The purpose of this study was to examine test–retest reliability of the TIE and to evaluate agreement between children’s TIE scores and scores that mothers gave their children on a modified version of the TIE.

Method. Twenty-nine children, 6 to 12 years of age, were available for the test–retest portion of the study and were assessed with the TIE with a 1-week interval between sessions. Their mothers completed a modified version of the TIE.

Results. Results indicated significant test–retest reliability ( r = .91, p < .001), although a more conservative Kappa indicated only moderate agreement. The correlation between mothers’ ratings and children’s ratings was less significant ( r = .56, p = .001), and Kappas were slight or fair, indicating considerable disagreement between mothers and children.

Conclusion. These results suggest that using information from both mothers and children might provide a more complete picture of tactile defensiveness, but further research is needed before using a mother’s assessment when the TIE is implemented as a standard procedure.

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