Objectives. This study compared the personality traits of entry-level occupational therapy students before and after their participation in 2 years of academic and clinical education in order to examine the change of traits in their professional personality profile.

Method. Forty-nine occupational therapy students completed the 18 scales of the California Psychological Inventory during their first fall and second spring semesters. This time span included two Level I and one Level II fieldwork experiences.

Results. T tests were used to analyze the students’ scales. Students’ scores in the second test showed a statistically significant increase in 13 of the 18 scales as compared to their first test scores. Achievement via independence and psychological-mindedness emerged as the highest ranking personality traits of the students in their second test scores.

Conclusion. The occupational therapy curriculum may have influenced the scores of the entry-level students, in both intellectual and psychosocial traits, in a positive direction.

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