Objectives. A prediction model of performance in physical disabilities fieldwork was generated with grades received in the occupational therapy curriculum and in prerequisite courses.

Method. Grades included those from functional anatomy, neuroanatomy, physical disabilities lecture, physical disabilities clinic, and prerequisite anatomy and physiology courses. Sampling was done collectively over graduated occupational therapy classes from 1987 to 1992 at the University of Puget Sound. A multiple regression analysis was performed and prediction equations were generated far each subscale of the Fieldwork Evaluation for the Occupational Therapist. Equations for combinations of the subscale categories were also produced.

Results. Adjusted R2 values were found to be less than 10% in all equations.

Conclusion. This poor ability of grades to predict fieldwork performance suggests that future investigation be focused on variables other than grades. Such variables might include student motivation, rapport between the student and fieldwork supervisor, and hospital experience in physical disabilities.

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