The efficacy of a feeding program to decrease drooling and increase vocalizations by promoting mouth closure was explored in two boys with cerebral palsy through the use of oral facilitation techniques. A single-subject ABA design was repeated across subjects. Baseline 1 consisted of 5 (Subject 1) and 10 (Subject 2) half-hour sessions during which the subjects were fed applesauce and apple juice without treatment. A 1-hr play session followed, during which saliva was collected on an absorbent bib and weighed. Bilabial vocalizations produced by the subjects were recorded and counted. A 12-session intervention phase followed, which was identical to the baseline phase except that treatment was implemented. Treatment consisted of techniques to reduce tactile hypersensitivity before feeding and the application of jaw control during feeding. Baseline 2 consisted of 7 sessions identical to baseline 1. The results suggest that this intervention decreases drooling but does not increase bilabial vocalizations. Longer treatment and follow-up may be needed in future efficacy studies.

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