The purpose of this pilot study was to investigate possible relations between performance on the atypical approach parameters of the Design Copying (DC) subtest of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests (SIPT) (Ayres, 1989) and scores on the Southern California Sensory Integration Tests (SCSIT) (Ayres, 1980). An existing data set was used that consisted of SCSIT and SIPT–DC scores from 32 children identified by their performance on the SCSIT as having sensory integrative dysfunction. Three questions were addressed: (a) Are there relations between scores on the atypical approach parameters of the SIPT–DC and SCSIT scores? (b) To what extent do the SCSIT scores collectively predict the presence or absence of the SIPT–DC atypical approach parameters? and (c) Are there relations among scores on the SIPT–DC atypical approach parameters? The results suggest that the scores on individual SIPT–DC atypical approach parameters may be related to the scores on the SCSIT subtests. In particular, significant relationships were found between some of the SIPT–DC parameters and the SCSIT subtests that assess visual, tactile, and motor components.

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