This quasi-experimental pilot study examined the association of a maternal preparation program with womens’ competence in maternal care behaviors, self-perceived adaptation to the maternal role, and satisfaction with the maternal preparation received in conjunction with obstetric and delivery care. Sixteen subjects participated in the program. A cost–benefit questionnaire was completed by the program participants to examine whether the availability of such a maternal preparation program would influence future selections of a hospital for delivery. Our Occupational Therapy Maternal Role Preparation Program was provided to the subjects in four sessions. The program included material on physiological changes in the new mother, orchestration of activities of daily living, infant development and individual differences, and the mother–infant relationship. Results were statistically significant only for the factor of the mothers’ satisfaction with their obstetric care and preparation for the maternal role, in favor of the treatment group. In addition, all 8 members of the treatment group reported that they thought the program was helpful and would recommend it to other mothers.

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